Sunmaster Cool Deluxe MH 150W


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Lamp / bulb MH 150W Sunmaster Cool Deluxe - metal halide bulb, designed for the growth phase (vegetative) of plants. These lamps have a stronger blue color to maximize the vegetative stage of flowering plants. They have high PAR values. Thanks to them, more chlorophyll is produced, which guarantees greener, healthy plants. Supports the development of leaves (they are larger and heavier) and primary stems.

Technical data:

- type: MH lamp / metal halide lamp

- power: 150W

- Lumen quantity: 11000Lm

- color: 5500K

- socket: E40

- destiny: the growth phase

- lifetime: 7500h

- power supply: 230V

For the proper operation of MH lamps, a power supply and reflector, sold separately, are required.

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