Mixed-Flo 150P fi 150mm 405-520m3/h / su greičio reguliatoriumi


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Mixed-Flo duct fans can be used as intake or exhaust fans. They can also be connected in a system with ventilated reflectors (it is recommended to install the fan in front of the reflector) and carbon filters. The technology used in these fans provides a powerful air stream and pressure. Thanks to ball bearings and thermal protection, Mixed-Flo fans are very durable. In addition, they are characterized by quiet operation.

Technical data:

- connection diameter: fi 150mm

- MIN / MAX throughput: 405 / 520m3 / h

- MIN / MAX volume: 33 / 44dB (A)

- MIN / MAX power: 30 / 60W

- MIN / MAX ampere: 0.17 / 0.27A

- number of revolutions / min MIN / MAX: 1680/2460

- max. working temp: 55st C.

- security standard: IP X4

- cable with EURO connector included

- for horizontal and vertical installation

- fan speed control with a speed controller

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